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(OCTOBER 2023)

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Case Study

All Play Sport CIC teamed up with APF Activity Camps and One Vision to continue to provide practical support to vulnerable individuals and families in Watford. For 1 weeks, we provided a free activity camp and hot meal to children living in the Watford area (aged 6-14). The camp consisted of active games and activities, specifically chosen to turn up the fun whilst giving children the chance to learn new skills, make friends and build confidence!


It is our core purpose to ensure that ALL children have access to this experience and that no child is left behind, regardless of their adverse childhood experiences, background, disability or personal circumstances.


Our purpose is tailored towards addressing the holiday experience gap, targeting the most vulnerable children living in Watford.

Target Audience

Vulnerable children included: 


  • Eligible to free school meals

  • living in areas of high deprivation or from low-income households who are not in receipt of free school meals

  • With Specific Educational Needs (SEND),

  • Children Looked after (CLA),

  • Children who have low attendance rates at school or who are at risk of exclusion,

  • Ukrainian & Afghanistan families

  • Children in social care

Activities on Offer

The Multi-Activity programme fitted into four main areas and timetabling allowing students to experience at least one activity from each these per day: 


  • Our Camp extreme activities (such outdoor survival tasks, archery & capture the flag) offered risk taking and character development and a better understanding of how to keep safe. 

  • Our Extreme Activities allowed children extend their learning to improve or enhance skills, knowledge, and well-being by participating in non-traditional sports activities, such as Splat Ball (paint ball), Archery-Tag, Sumo Wrestling and Giant Bouncy Castle. These activities are planned to allow for resilience, critical thinking, listening, visualisation and concentration.

  • Our traditional and non-traditional sports activities improve and enhance skill development and resilience among learners. These include badminton, dodgeball, tag-rugby and more! 

  • Our physical activity sessions (such as circuits and exercise to music) allowed students to gain a better understanding of keeping physically healthy. These bespoke programmes increase opportunities for teamwork and therefore building friendships and allowing students to feel included. 

  • Our arts and crafts activities (such as resistant materials projects, clay modelling, painting and drawing) were delivered by teachers and coaches who naturally embed a ‘therapeutic’ approach to developing and improving emotional wellbeing (including reducing stress levels and anxiety).

A Typical Day at Camp

We were delighted to have, on average, 45 students attend the camp for each of the 3 days available.  Most of the children who attended, were from the local area of Watford and included mostly children entitled to free school meals. We also had around 20% of our children clarified as having specific educational needs. 


The main priority of the camp is individual, concentrated attention to each child while working within a group environment. This meant that we were able to make each child feel included and part of a team. Further to this, it meant that we were able to meet the needs of our most vulnerable SEND children and in particular those with Autism or ADHD. 

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Parents View

Parents, coaches and volunteers all reported a significant positive impact. Most parents who had not previously visited the camp reported feeling comfortable and welcome in the surroundings. They embraced the sense of community, taking the opportunity to avail of walkways and seating placed throughout the grounds. One child who hadn't previously enjoyed sports stated he'd, “like to stay for two weeks” and, amongst many messages from parents, one Mum saying, “so good to see our beautiful boy being facilitated to participate in something most families take for granted. It gave us all a great boost to be included.”

Student Survey

The camp experience made me feel that I had a voice, and my opinions were heard and valued without being


92% agree or strongly disagree 

I received feedback on how I was performing in the activities at camp

100% agree or strongly disagree

Some of the sessions allowed me to understand risks and make the right choices relating to being healthy 

100% agree or strongly agree

At camp, I developed safe relationships and felt safe and cared for. 

100% agree or strongly agree


I felt safe from injury at camp

100% agree or strongly agree

I attended regularly and enjoyed the camp experience 

90% agree or strongly agree


I was supported by the coaches to perform to the best of my ability 

90% agree or strongly agree

At camp, I developed good friendships with everyone 

90% agree or strongly agree 

Staff helped be to work on my own (independently)

90% agree or strongly disagree

I felt like I belonged at camp 

92% agree or strongly disagree

Areas for Development

  • Despite having many participants each day, it was clear that the number of days offered (3) was not enough to allow children to gain the ‘full’ experience of camp. Many children and parents were expressing their desire to attend camp for more days. 

  • The camp experience was only available to children aged 6-14 and many parents of younger children expressed their desire to attend camp (including children aged 4 and 5) 

  • The location was ideal for many parents; however it appears that there are limited camps available for children north of Watford (such as St Albans), Many parents wanted to attend camp however were unable to attend as they lived so far away. We will look into trying to run a camp in other areas that are popular and have a high percentage of pupil premium children. 

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